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Reigniting Innovation with HP’s SDN Open Ecosystem, Software Development Kit & an App Store?

ks.jpgBy Kash Shaikh, Senior Director Product & Technical Marketing, HP Networking  


One of the hallmarks of HP is innovation. HP founders Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard started the company in their garage and started Silicon Valley as a result; and at HP we foster and deliver innovation in many ways including HP Labs—where we perform research on new technologies, years ahead of where the rest of the industry is ready to put it into products.


Well, just like HP helped to create Silicon Valley, we’re actually creating Silicon Valley 2.0 for networking. We’ve been doing that with innovations in Software-defined Networking (SDN). Over the last year and a half, we’ve been talking about those innovations; now we’re taking the next major step necessary for any marketplace to adopt SDN in greater numbers.


‘Disruptively innovate’


I am excited to share with you the news we announced today at Interop New York, the creation of an open SDN ecosystem that will open up SDN and jump start innovation with two major steps.


First step is the SDN Software Developer Kit, complete with all the tools needed for developers to create SDN apps —whether they are part of a large organization or they are two guys in a garage – like Bill and Dave. To find out more information please visit our SDN developer page:


The second step is the HP SDN App Store, which will create a marketplace for SDN applications from HP, for its partners or the community at large. App Store will create new business models and will allow partners and developers to tap into $670 million SDN network application market as predicted by IDC. As I said, networking is ripe for Silicon Valley 2.0.


Our open SDN ecosystem is composed of over 20 AllianceOne partners including Microsoft, VMware, SAP, Intel share our vision for SDN. Please watch Meg Whitman’s message on our open ecosystem news. 








Figure 1: Open SDN portfolio, SDK, App Store enable Ecosystem



So what is HP SDN Software Development Kit (SDK)?


The HP SDN Software Development Kit provides a set of resources that enables the SDN community to start developing applications that bring agility and automation to the network.  




Figure 2: HP SDN Software Development Kit (SDK)



HP will have an SDN App Store?


Yes we will!  We will be delivering the industry’s first SDN App Store - an enterprise-ready marketplace for SDN applications that will essentially allow customers to quickly and easily search and buy applications.   


You might be asking yourself, why an SDN App Store?


If you own a smartphone or tablet, then you’ve almost certainly visited your phone’s or tablet’s app store. The apps we buy entertain, inform, and make us more productive. In fact, a smartphone or tablet without apps is almost as unthinkable as a television with no channels.


Someday, everyone – well, at least those in the IT industry – may look back at enterprise networks way and wonder: how did they ever function without an app store? How did they ever function without the HP SDN Application Store, to be precise?


Here is a snapshot of what the App store looks like: 



Figure 3: HP SDN App Store



Interop New York 2013


If you are attending Interop New York 2013, I encourage you to please come visit the demo station for the HP SDN App Store demo, booth #119 to find out more details.  You can also watch the demo here.





Leading Innovation


When you look at the history of SDN, the innovation driven by HP Labs is evident and clear. When Stanford University first had the idea of programming the network from a central point in 2007 with OpenFlow, they turned to HP Labs to take this nascent idea and nurture it. Over that course of time, HP Labs has filed over 50 patents on SDN.


Because of our early start with OpenFlow due to the innovation driven by HP Labs, we now offer the broadest portfolio of OpenFlow enabled devices including over 50 switches and new 10 routers - representing 25 million installed ports. These OpenFlow products expand over the entire network from the data center to the campus and the branch.


How do you embark on the SDN Journey?


So how do you get started and what are some of the steps you can take now to prepare of this journey?  We recommend starting with infrastructure as the first step – so as you are buying switches and routers make sure they are capable of SDN technologies such as OpenFlow so you can protect your investment. You can start your SDN journey with SDN-ready infrastructure now or in the near future without having to rip-and-replace the infrastructure.


We also invite you to create a lab, experiment with the Virtual Application Network SDN Controller and our SDN applications. The applications are just one click away from the App Store. 


Be part of this innovation!





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