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Oliver Zimmermann
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Remote XServer

How do I open a remote X-Session on my computer when logged in via telnet to another computer? Which comand do I have to give that the X-Session is opend on console #8 (display :1)? Thanks!
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Alex Glennie
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Re: Remote XServer

Your local system needs to have X running on it.

So if you are sat in front of your linux box under kde, gnome etc, open up a terminal,
run xhost + to allow access to your local DISPLAY for remote systems .....

telnet to the remote system, export your DISPLAY=:0.0

then run your commands, if they are GUI based then the GUI process will run on the remote system but should now display locally on your linux desktop / Xsession.

nb requires both systems to know about one another ie nslookup works / entries in /etc/hosts or via a DNS server.
Marco Paganini
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Re: Remote XServer

Hello Oliver,

On your computer, before trying to open the connection, type:

xhost +

On the remote computer (inside the telnet connection), use:

export DISPLAY=yourhostname:1

You must substitute 'yourhostname' by your correct hostname or IP address.

Then, just run the desired remote application.

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Re: Remote XServer


you could try to start the following command on your LOCAL linux box:

X -query ip-address-of-target

That way you start an XDMCP (X Display Management Control Protocol) session which requests a login screen from the other box.

Oliver Zimmermann
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Re: Remote XServer

Hi Folks!
I really would like to assing some points but all I get is the Message:

404 Object Not Found

Hence, via this posting: Thanks, yours tips have helped me a lot.

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