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Re: Restricting FTP Access

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Restricting FTP Access


I need to setup an FTP Access file so that only the root and admin users can login to the system and deny access to all regular users.

How can I configure the FTP access file to do that?

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Re: Restricting FTP Access

Check this man page:

# man ftpusers

Create ftpusers under /etc/ftpd directory.
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Re: Restricting FTP Access

You can create a file /etc/ftpd/ftpusers, any account contained in this file will not be allowed to use ftp.

See man ftpusers for details, and be careful of the permissions on the file.

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Re: Restricting FTP Access

create /etc/ftpusers file and put in each line the logins you do NOT want to be able to ftp.

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Re: Restricting FTP Access

Create the /etc/tfpd/ftpusers file and place all users you DONT want to use ftp in there.

Remember to add any new accounts that are not required to use ftp. A bit of an administration headache!

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