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Router Solicitation in HP-UX

Occasional Contributor

Router Solicitation in HP-UX


I was trying to configure IPv6 for LAN0 by using following command on a HP-UX machine:

# ifconfig lan0 inet6 up

I have noticed that it first sends a Router Solicitation message on the link and receives a RA back. Using the prefix in that RA, it configures the interface's IPv6 address.

Here are my queries:
1. How a HP-UX host sends Router Solicitation message?
2. Is there any process or daemon for this like rtradvd which is a RA daemon?
3. How can I force my HP-UX host not to send router solicitations?

Thanks in advance.
Ismail Azad
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Router Solicitation in HP-UX

Hey mkaushal,

Well router solicitation with rtradvd. Yes it is there on HPUX 11iv3. This is configured per interface. If you set the Private flag, you can get rid of this daemon which is what seems like what you are trying to do. There is also a configuration file for the so called "advertisement of the router".

Ismail Azad
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