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SCSI's speed

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SCSI's speed

Hi all,
I have 2 servers. They are have SCSI connections between each other. I checked network speed via lanadmin. But how can I determine speed of scsi connection? I found via ioscan H/W path:
0/2/1/0 ext_bus SCSI Ultra320 A6961-60111
0/2/1/1 ext_bus SCSI Ultra320 A6961-60111

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Re: SCSI's speed

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Re: SCSI's speed

Example, if this is using mpt:

# mptconfig /dev/mpt7

Scan For Devices ...

---- ADAPTER INFORMATION -----------------------------------------------------

Device File : /dev/mpt7
Hardware Path : 0/6/1/0/4/1

---- BUS PARAMETERS ----------------------------------------------------------

Initiator SCSI ID : 7
SCSI Bus Rate : Ultra320
SCSI Bus Width : Wide

---- CHANNEL CAPABILITIES ----------------------------------------------------

Req/Ack Offset : 127
Bus Mode : LVD
Quick Arbitration Selection : Disabled
DT Clocking : Enabled
Packetized : Enabled

---- TARGET PARAMETERS -------------------------------------------------------
Target Description Firmware In Use In Use
Id Version Rate Width
0 ST336753LC HPC5 Ultra320 Wide

Hope this helps!

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Re: SCSI's speed

Hi Rustam,

Here is the answer for your question.

According to your ioscan output it appears that your system is installed with Scsi Ultra320 card and basically Ultra320 SCSI is the seventh generation of SCSI I/O technology. Its dominant feature is its increased speed of 320 MBytes per second.

Hope This address your question!!