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SMB BYOD plus a mobile workforce call for a unified network solution


20130131_RS_017P3095.jpgBy TerryAnn Fitzgerald, SMB Solutions Marketing Manager, HP Networking


It’s a hazard of modern urban life: I’m walking down the street at a normal pace when suddenly the formerly fast-moving man in front of me slows down dramatically. The reason? He’s completely engrossed in his mobile device. In fact, Time Magazine just published a study from researchers at the University of Queensland that found that “texting while walking poses a significant distraction to pedestrians and could even put them in harm’s way.” 


Despite the hazards they can create for users and innocent bystanders, mobile devices are here to stay.  It’s not just the number of devices that are increasing. As small and midsize businesses invest in their own mobile technologies, the percentage of companies employing a mobile workforce has risen accordingly. A majority of SMBs believe mobile devices help improve communication, create better collaboration among staff and enhance employee productivity, according to AMI-Partners’ 2014 North America SMB Mobility Landscape, Opportunity Assessment & Outlook report.  On average, 13.6% percent of small business workers and 14.4% percent of midsize business workers are mobile.


Providing connectivity from all points


Mobile devices have become so engrained in our daily lives that most workers just assume that when they enter the office they’ll have wireless access to the company network. The tsunami of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) presents a growing challenge to your network infrastructure as it strains to accommodate the flood of smartphones, tablets, and laptops tapping into the bandwidth.


Workers now expect connectivity not only at their desks but also from any point in the office. So how do you adapt your network infrastructure to handle the rising demand without overtaxing an already tight budget? The first step is to implement a high performance wireless network to handle the demands of voice, video and collaboration – technologies your employees are increasingly accessing from their mobile devices.


To streamline the deployment and management of BYOD and company-owned devices, you should unify your wired and wireless networks. Doing so enables your IT staff to oversee the combined network using a single-pane-of-glass management platform. 


Unifying access control with HP strengthens security in a world where users are constantly on-the-go. Permissions are associated with a user’s identity, so the appropriate security policies are applied—no matter where the user goes. IT has a consistent method to provide BYOD and guest access, user authentication, policy enforcement, and user management, whether users connect over wired or wireless networks. Unifying access control also reduces the number of network tools and the complexity and cost of the network application services needed to provision, manage, and authenticate users across one or multiple organizations.


By unifying your wired and wireless network, you can bring together once-separate networks in a seamless fashion.  You can adapt to how people want to work today, while you improve network performance, support BYOD more easily and reduce administrative overhead.  Unifying access improves the user experience and lowers capital and operational expense.


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Learn more about our solutions for accommodating the needs of your growing BYOD and mobile workforce, and discover technology made easy for growing your small business with HP Just Right IT.


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