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SNAPlus2 platform support

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SNAPlus2 platform support



We are planning to check the support of HP SNA software’s(SNAPlus 2) for latest HP-UX platforms.


The latest HP-UX platforms include the following

-PA 11.23 32-bit
-PA 11.23 64-bit

-PA 11.31 32-bit
-PA 11.31 64-bit
-IA 11.23 64-bit
-IA 11.31 64-bit


I have found the some information related to platform support from HP website but does not cover platform support information of all the above mentioned platforms.


Can you please point me to the web link stating the platform support provided by SNAPlus2 of above mentioned HP-UX platforms?




Duncan Edmonstone
Honored Contributor

Re: SNAPlus2 platform support

If you looked in the release notes at the link you provided, you will see that both the latest 11.31 and 11.23 versions are supported on HP9000 (PA) and Integrity (IA) systems. For your other question, if you dig a bit deeper you will find the following statement:


"On HP-UX systems, applications using the SNAplus2 APIs can be compiled and linked to run in either 32bit mode or 64bit mode"


Which is on p23 of the following:


Note that this implies the _application_ is 32-bit or 64-bit - the OS is _always_ 64-bit (there is no 32-bit version of 11.23 or 11.31)


So the short answer is, all the platforms/application bit-ness combinations you listed are supported.