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Samba/CIFS buffer overflow on VMS 8.4

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Samba/CIFS buffer overflow on VMS 8.4



I built a BL860c I2 with VMS 8.4 and the latest patch release of Samba/CIFS last week. Customer is using the blade as storage for a code management system (Borland StarTeam) which has been using an existing Alpha cluster for years.


For code checkout they are using the 'use last modified date for files' which on Alpha VMS 7.1 sets both the created and modified date to be the last modified date of the file. On V8.4 it does 2 things wrong - firstly it only sets the modified date and more importantly it crashes with an I/O error on every 102nd file and logs 'sys$get_security failed'


This is on Win7. XP is fine!


This is 100% reproduceable, anyone else seen it before?





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Re: Samba/CIFS buffer overflow on VMS 8.4



No I haven't seen this particular crash and I like to think we are a moderate to heavy CIFS/Samba usage site, however, all using Windows XP. Could you reproduce the crash with regular DOS commands or do you need StarTeam? Can you describe exactly how?


We have seen other problems, of course.


When we do see something, we log a call and get great support from HP, invariably, from Paul Nunez at HP. Do you have a support contract? I suggest logging a call.


A new patch kit just came out (10-OCT-2013), are you at the very latest version (from $ SMBVER - V1.2-010-PS2_11) ?


I've noticed various differences if the "backing store" of the share is hosted on a ODS-2 versus ODS-5 disk. You may want to try an ODS-5 disk and see if the date issue behaves differently.


Did you mean to say that both issues don't occur if the client is Win XP but does if the PC is running Windows 7? We haven't done very extensive testing with Windows 7 but did discover we needed to add the "server signing = auto" to the SMB.CONF to even allow Windows 7 clients to connect...




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Re: Samba/CIFS buffer overflow on VMS 8.4

Hi David,


Yes, it's only Win7 that has the problem - XP is happy and will quite happily change the modified date on 1000+ files. Win7 will get an I/O error every time at 102 files so I guess I could write a batch file to do similar to rule out StarTeam as a possible cause.


I did wonder if it was an ODS/2 issue so I changed all shared drives to be ODS/5, still no difference.


Fairly sure it is that latest patch level. In searching for answers to another problem I had during install I found a link to which had everything CIFS in it, pretty sure that was after 10th Oct.





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Re: Samba/CIFS buffer overflow on VMS 8.4

Hi Adrian,


Try this:


$ ftp

Username: pathwork

Password: Support9


cd cifs-v12-eco1


get samba$


get procedure_to_run_samba$user_quota.txt



Unzip the zip file and refer to the instructions in the txt file. 


Note:   You only need to reboot if you have to increase the SYSGEN CHANNELCNT parameter.   





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Re: Samba/CIFS buffer overflow on VMS 8.4

Excellent, thanks Paul!


I'm waiting to hear back whether we have success or fail. I'll report in as soon as I know.





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Re: Samba/CIFS buffer overflow on VMS 8.4

That worked! Thanks for your help Paul, I'll do the points thing :)