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Sharing an Internet Connection at Home

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Sharing an Internet Connection at Home

We have 2 computers at home and a single Internet connection. Is there an easy way to share the Internet connection between both machines?

It would also be great if the two machines could share a printer.
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Roger Faucher
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Re: Sharing an Internet Connection at Home

If at least one of the computers is running Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows Me, or Windows 2000 Professional, then you should be able to connect them into a network and use Internet Connection Sharing (ICS, part of the previously-mentioned Windows Operating Systems). There are many ways to network 2 computers and the decision as to which way is best would depend on how you presently connect to the Internet (do you have a v.90, 56K analog connection or some 'flavor' of DSL or cable modem). If for instance, you were using an analog internet connection (modem), you could simply add an Ethernet (or HPNA) Network Card (NIC) to each computer. Then you could connect the Ethernet NICs to each other using what is called a crossover cable. You would then have to install and configure the appropriate networking components (adapters, clients, protocols, and ICS). If you throw DSL or a third computer into the mix, then you would need a hub or switch or router and "straight-through" cabling.

If it all sounds complicated, that's because it can be. You can hire a professional which would cost you hundreds of dollars, or do it yourself and consider it a learning experience so it won't drive you mad. And yes, you'll be able to share printers and files, in addition. If you decide to go ahead on your own, forum members here will help you through the process. Post some more info about how you presently connect to the internet and you'll be on your way.
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John Bolene
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Re: Sharing an Internet Connection at Home

No update in almost a week?
More info needed about your setup at home.

It makes a big difference whether you are cable/dsl or dialup.

Dialup, you can use the internet sharing built into ME (which is a pretty pokey version of an operating system), or Win 2000 (which is a much better op system).

Cable/DSL it is best to use a Linksys router/switch/firewall or similar hardware. You can get the 4 port or the 8 port, the single port has to hook to a hub to be useful with multiple devices. With the firewall, you can implement printer sharing, or if the printer has an ethernet cable it can hook directly to the home network.

Award points if you think these posts had any merit or send more info and we can better answer the question.
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