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Simplifying user access by unifying your network and access strategy

By Gladys Alegre-Kimura, Global Product Marketing Manager, HP Networking


Gladys Alegre KimuraThese days it’s uncommon to encounter someone, even in a work environment, without some kind of mobile device. You might even be reading this blog on a mobile device, maybe even on your own personal device. This rapid proliferation of smartphones and tablets in the workplace, often employees owned, has changed the way we work. We expect to be connected and mobile—no matter where we are, on whichever device we have at hand that can meet the task. However these changes create a lot of pressure on IT to have in place a corporate wireless network that seamlessly addresses their evolving needs.


To satisfy the growing demand from mobile users and simultaneously protect sensitive data, many business organizations end up segregating their wireless environments, carving out networks that need to be separately managed, monitored, and controlled. If not implemented correctly, this model can lead to an unsatisfying user experience. Let’s take a look at the video below to see one way that organizations can alleviate some of the pressures on their IT departments and create better experiences for their users, no matter the device they use.



As illustrated, deploying a single unified wired and wireless network with the intelligence to determine a user’s access rights based on who you are and the status of your device can go a long way to alleviate the pressure on IT to maintain separate network silos.


Imagine an instance of a user coming onto the network with a new device for the first time. With a unified network in place, the network can identify users as employees. But maybe it doesn’t trust the latest particular device it encounters. With the right policies in place, the network can then assign access to a secure provisioning area. There, users can be given the required security or management agents to ensure the device meets corporate policy. After that step is completed, the network trusts the user and the device, so full access to the network is granted. If a user decides not to install the clients, the network can deny or assign access to just the Internet.


This latter approach can also be especially helpful for guest users who have devices that are approved by an organization’s access policy. Guests can use their name and self-generated password to gain automatic access to the Internet. For organizations that host a number of visiting clients and contractors, this approach can be a tremendous boon. Imagine the time and energy that is now freed up for IT to focus on more important tasks.




HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) software is able to not only provide unified network visibility, management, and control, but also user self-onboarding, provisioning, and intelligent access control. At last, you can manage all your environments as one and say goodbye to creating guest user IDs and passwords. In addition, IMC delivers comprehensive management for a unified network across fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security needs—transforming a static network to a dynamically managed, agile network to deliver greater business efficiency.


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