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Slow files access during 9:00-9:30AM every day

Michael Tse
Occasional Advisor

Slow files access during 9:00-9:30AM every day

Please advice, thanks

My Windows 2000 STD SP4 File and Printer shares. In every morning (around 9:00-9:30A.M.) when clients try to open a shared file of 200KB size, they need to take about 5 to 10 seconds for the process. After this time, they just need to take about 1 second for the same process. You want to find out the cause of this slow performance issue and the improvability.

I would like to tell you more about our situation, our company have around
1500 to 2000 users on?10MB CAT5 ethernet network.? When i on board, my
manager assigned a task to me about he received users compliant access very slow on the file server shared files on 9:00 to 9:30am
sometimes and some days at every week.? After 9:30am, the user will no more

I had tried to capture the performance monitor data and network
monitor data to Microsoft support, he explained the windows server
configuration is normal and not reached the Max. loading. No virus no worm
attacked the server, no abnormal packet at the peak time.

Actually, I can not identify what is the root cause, i tried to explain it
should be related to network traffic, the network utilization too high when
too many users logon at peak hour (Around 300 users), when a lots of users
logon the server, I suggest to install a one more network card to form a network teaming interfaces, but it is rejected by Manager. He agreed it is network problem but he wants to know what affected the server slow...

Please advice how to identify and how to solve the problem.

Honored Contributor

Re: Slow files access during 9:00-9:30AM every day

I can just suppose at 09:00-09:30 it's the time when your 1500-2000 user starting their work. Do you have 10Mb network? If true, evaluate 10Mb divided by 1000 user is 10Kb bandwidth. I'm not amazed by performance.
Because your users take about 5-10 second to load 200Kb file, they have 20-40Kb of bandwidth; you can understand there are 250-500 user concurrently.
After initial read, I guess they don't need of read continously this file, so concurrently user are less.

Antonio Vigliotti
Antonio Maria Vigliotti