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Sporadic Spool32 errors

Nathan Cockrum
Occasional Contributor

Sporadic Spool32 errors

I have been researching Spool32 errors for a while now and I am starting to get tired of chasing my tail. I am funning a network of 300+ machines. O/S's include Win95, 98, 2k, NT. All machines go through Jet Direct cards to HP Laser printers of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Common software includes Mcafee 4.5.1, pcAnywhere, Acrobat Reader, Office 2k, etc. We encounter Spool32 errors on a daily basis. After turning off Mcafee the problems disappear. We would like to keep our virus shield up at all times. The most problematic module is GDI.exe. Micro's forums decode this as a problem with the processor. I do admit to having the most trouble with Celeron, but it is not exclusive to Celeron, we also run PI 200MHz machines. The numbers are not proportional, however. Celeron boxes encounter more problems than PI machines. We have been unable to get help from Mcafee, HP, or Microsoft. I turn to you for any answers or suggestions. I, along with my coworkers thank you.

Nathan C.
Sweet, I didn't know it could do that.
Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: Sporadic Spool32 errors


A lot of SPOOL32 errors can be cleared up by applying the latest OS and app fixes. Consider upgrading Norton AV to 2003 version. Apply pcAnywhere, Office, and OS patches, fixes, and SPs. Also, consider upgrading JetDirect firmwares. You need to isolate the problem by OS and/or printer.

As the problem becomes more manageable, I would consider eliminating WIN95 entirely.

Good luck!

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