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Strange DNS registration

Lucky Luciano
Regular Advisor

Strange DNS registration

I found in DNS strange registration. It resulted to be as definition of A record called (with name) pointing to IP.
From other coleague I was told that it has been selfregistration for one printer.
Can someone explain it to me?
I don't understand it how this could happen (see picture) and beeing paranoid I found that for the same address correspond already one printer name record in dns.
Thanks in advance
I admire your fashionable running shoes!
Dan Robinson_4
Regular Advisor

Re: Strange DNS registration

If the Printer's Name was an IP Address and it tried to do Dynamic DNS Update, its possible that the . in the IP Address was treated like different levels in a DNS Domain Name. Probably bad programming on the Printer's Network card.

If you had a machine called:
In DNS it will show up backwards like:
Then under the really folder would be an A Record called Server1

The DNS took your Printer Name (an IP) and made it:
with A Record called 10 most likely.

Short answer:
Change the Printer's Name to NOT include . character, delete the entire 208 DNS Tree shown in screen shot (assuming only record was the one called 10), and then power cycle the printer. It should come back up and re-register itself with a proper name.
Edgar Zapata
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Strange DNS registration

Hi Lucky,

If you have a Windows DHCP server, the printer might have acquired its IP settings from a DHCP server.
DHCP servers are integrated with DNS.

Check the DHCP server properties.
There's a seeting under DNS tab to have the DHCP clients dynamically update their A and PTR records.

Hope this helps explain this behavior.