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TCPIP port reused

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TCPIP port reused

I have a problem under Windows Server 2003, when a client connect to a specific application (Ataman RLOGIN ).

The first CONNECT is okay (we launch our application after the connection). The second CONNECT is not accepted if the client tries
to connect less than 30 second after closing the first connection.

I trace the connection with WireShark and just fin a "TCP port reused" message.

I try to change some registry parameters :
- TcpTimedWaitDelay
- KeepAliveinterval
without success

Dan Robinson_4
Regular Advisor

Re: TCPIP port reused

Sounds like an issue with RLOGIN, not Windows or your network.

in 2003 on the server you can run this command to see all listening ports and what PID (last column) is doing the listening:

Try running that before you connect, 1 second after you disconnect and then 60 seconds after disconnect and see if the RLOGIN process is actually listening during that 30 second process or not.
Edgar Zapata
Esteemed Contributor

Re: TCPIP port reused

Hi Chamberlin,

It appears to me that since this Ataman rlogin application is Terminal Server aware, chances are you'll need to change server settings into Application Server mode.

Either that or the application wasn't correctly installed. By default whenever you double click a setup.exe file or type "atrls install start" Windows 2003 changes USER MODE from EXECUTE into INSTALL.
However, just to make sure, you may want to either run this command "change user /install" before you start the installtion process, and run "change user /execute" only when you're done or Start - run - appwiz.cpl - Add new programs - CD or floppy - select the location of the files and so on.

Please, let us know the outcome.

Hope it helps.