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Terminal services printer

Cynthia Garfold
Frequent Advisor

Terminal services printer

What is the correct way to set up a terminal service printer on the client side and the server side? One of my coworkers installed a new printer on the client's machine. The previous printer (Brother, also a remote printer was configured using port TS003 on the server)was removed and I set up the HP 2200D (New printer) on ther server side and used port TS003. I can see when she prints a job, it comes to the queue but the user's printer never prints it. What setting was overlooked?
Thomas Bianco
Honored Contributor

Re: Terminal services printer

Be certain you have the EXACT SAME DRIVER. This is the most common problem. If the user does not have privileges to install drivers on the server (this should NEVER be allowed unless your user is a trusted IT Pro) then the EXACT driver must already be installed on the server.

This kicked me a few hundred times. Change a driver on a print server and forget to change it on the TS. Worse yet, install a one-off driver!
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