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The Promise of Software-Defined Networking


By Newsha Sharifzadeh, Global Product Marketing Manager


“The promise of SDN: drivers, use cases and benefits” is the second from a series of 13 videos on “SDN Journey” with Jim Metzler. These series are designed to help organizations in adopting Software -defined Networking (SDN). Hopefully you had a chance to watch the first video (What is SDN? ) which covered the basics of SDN. In the second video Jim goes deeper into the drivers and benefits and provides some applications of SDN.





Jim discusses the promise of SDN to be its ability to solve problems and add value. I think like any disruptive technology, when SDN provides a better alternative and can disrupt the status quo, it will be adopted widely. A good example could be the use of digital cameras, where at first people were wary about them, but once the ease of distribution and the ability to examine and delete unwanted picture were evident, it attracted many people to photography, so expanding the total number of people using cameras.


What makes SDN strategically differentiated?


  • Enables dynamic access to network state information
  • Allows the ability to apply business logic to applications
  • Enables network virtualization, automation of provisioning and management

Jim gives an interesting example on SDN and WAN, SDN implementation at Google that brought 90% efficiency to their WAN link utilization compared to 60 % utilization in other companies resulting in  high cost saving. I think this high efficiency and cost saving must be tremendous for any company that is using WAN.


Should companies start building their own SDN applications?


Jim emphasizes that not all companies like Google have the expertise of resources to develop their own SDN apps to gain all the benefits. IT organizations can take advantage of companies like HP who already developed these SDN applications.


We at HP have developed several SDN applications some of which I will discuss briefly here and will go into more details in later posts:


Unified Communications SDN application


SDN Application for Microsoft Lync automates policy deployment across the campus network including dynamic traffic prioritization for each Lync connection. Last week at HP Discover 2013, it was great to see how customers were amazed when looking at the Lync demo.





Sentinel security SDN application


HP complete framework for SDN solutions allows you to mitigate BYOD security risks with HP Sentinel SDN Security application which dynamically protects your network from more than 1million botnet, malware and spyware malicious sites. HP Sentinel application won the Innovation award 2013 for the best “SDN Solution” at Ethernet Summit.


Ballarat Grammar School in Australia is one of our customers that deployed the SDN Sentinel Security application at their school. Gregory Bell, head of technical services said "That was something that impressed me — it was a very agile process. Once we had everything configured on the controller and we were happy with the switch configurations, it was just a matter of changing VLANs for staff and students to be on Sentinel or not.”




I look forward to Jim’s next video where he’ll be talking about OpenFlow and Open Networking Foundation.



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