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The Proof is in the SDN Applications

By Stacey King, HP Global SDN Alliances Marketing Manager, HP Networking


Stacey KingAccording to Rohit Mehra, VP of Network Infrastructure at IDC, “Applications are what will drive SDN technology into mainstream networking prominence.”   Plus, Nick Watson, our VP of HP Networking in EMEA, in his recent blog post cited “Openness” as a key priority from the head of fixed and mobile networks of a major Telco.  I think it is safe to say that you cannot successfully have one without the other. 


The more open and inviting a vendor’s software-defined networking (SDN) strategy, alliance partner program, and of course architecture and development environment is, the more applications and services you have the benefit to choose from or create.  This absence of vendor lock-in, gives you more power and freedom to choose the right SDN technology investments with the right services to best meet business demands. 


This blog is first in a series that will touch on how such an “open and inviting” environment leads to exciting new SDN applications that will convert the hype of SDN to real value.  For starters, I’ll address our open strategy and then a personal favorite of mine, our alliance program and partners.  In a subsequent blog, I’ll highlight some reasons why our open HP VAN SDN Controller is a smart platform choice for our alliance partners and ultimately customers.  I will also share how we are uniquely enabling our alliance partners to develop apps.   The grand finale of blogs, will be alliance partner guest blogs so they can share their exciting new SDN innovations and use cases themselves.


Let’s get started….


Open SDN strategy - inviting to other platform partners too

What should an open SDN Ecosystem or strategy look like?  HP’s SDN strategy is based on open standards and building an open ecosystem to deliver complete SDN solutions.   HP is a founding member of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), and has adopted ONF’s standard definition of SDN, and has fully embraced the OpenFlow standard with over 50 switches and 10 routers comprising over 25 million OpenFlow capable ports.  HP also participates in other standards consortiums such as ETSI, OpenStack and OpenDaylight with the vested interest in open, agile networking for all.  Please read this Lippis Report for further analysis of HP’s open SDN strategy.  


HP is even embracing federated controller environments with VMware; and is working on interoperability with NEC.   We are also building the world’s first enterprise ready SDN App Store with both commercial and community applications as well as related SDN services that you can conveniently acquire together as a total solution.   What does all this mean?  You can be assured that HP will provide the most agile and interoperable SDN platform possible, allowing choice for the best and most reliable solutions to meet your IT and business needs as you embark on the exciting journey to reap the rewards of SDN.  


Open alliance partner program - inviting rapid growth of exciting new SDN partner applications

Now for the exciting part and my personal favorite, embracing third-party application providers to develop new, innovative SDN Applications that provide enhanced value that was just not possible before.  In a recent Network World article “What to look for in an SDN controller”, the author, Ethan Banks, said “…it’s key to be sure you understand what partnerships exist, and what fruit has come from those partnerships as you evaluate your SDN controller.” We in HP Networking are so excited about the SDN “fruit” being developed from our rapidly growing alliance partner community.  



Growth since HP SDN launch in September 2013


The HP AllianceOne Networking Specialization program has grown by over 20% in the last few months alone, with dozens of new alliance partner SDN applications in the works.   If fact, we will be sharing multiple new alliance partner SDN applications at Interop 2014 in Las Vegas.  Our alliance partners will be hosting demos in HP’s booth on a giant screen showcasing a preview of the HP SDN App Store.   These alliance partners and their SDN applications are:


Bluecat, DNS Director – Central DNS security, globally delivered

Ecode, evolve™ - Dynamic design to deployment

GuardiCore, Defense Suite Active Honeypot – Data center security redefined

Radware, DefenseFlow – Real-time DDoS protection

Real-Status, Hyperglance – Interactive 3D visibility and control


Visit our alliance partner SDN Application Showcase site for more detailed info about these great apps.


If you are attending Interop in Vegas, check out this panel session  hosted by Jacob Rapp, Sr. Manager, Data Center & SDN Product Marketing, on Wednesday, April 2nd at 2:45pm to hear from some of these alliance partners, as well as F5, about their SDN applications, experiences, and use cases.


Make sure to also grab some nice seat-time at the HP Booth Theater on Thursday, April 3rd from 2 to 3pm to learn more about these applications from the innovators themselves.    These SDN applications are not just for “show and tell”, they are applications ready for organizations to take on as a Proof of Concept.     


Stay tuned as these featured application providers also share their stories as guest bloggers.    We will have plenty more applications to showcase at HP Discover in June. 


Open SDN Ecosystem = more applications for customers + more opportunities for alliance partners

Stay tuned for more SDN app partner, platform, and program insight in future blogs.   Please let us know your SDN app thoughts, needs or topics of interest.


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