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To access machines in diffrent networks

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To access machines in diffrent networks


I have a windows 2003 running with ip 16.X.X.X
and UX server with ip 15.x.x.x

the issue is i am not able to access the UX server from windows server. i am trying to access specific port.

Please Help !
Ronald Postma
Honored Contributor

Re: To access machines in diffrent networks

Hi Aloy,
Have you thoug about using a router? If you configure one side to 16.x.x.x and the other to 15.x.x.x it can route between these two subnets.
Personaly never done it myself, but it is possible, maybe somo here has some experience with it, or google arround.

also Win2003 can be used as a router, install the routing and remote access role to a server and you can configure it using a specific protocol, RIP is prety fast.

Have a nice day,
HTH, Ronald
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Ivan Ferreira
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Re: To access machines in diffrent networks

You need a gateway to be able to access the ip 15.X.X.X because even if they are in the same physical network, they are on different "logical" networks. To be in the same logical network, the network part of the ip address mus t be the same. The network part depends of the subnet mask, for example, if your subnet mas is, the network part are the 3 first numbers, if the subnet mask is, the network part is the first number.

Your network looks like an Class A network and the subnet mask by default is, so your ip address for the windows and unix server should start with the same 16.X.X.X number.

Another option is if you have both servers connected to the same physical network, add another ip address to network adapter in the windows server. You can have two ip address bind to the same network adapter.
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Jonathan Axford
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Re: To access machines in diffrent networks


You definately need something to route between the 2 subnets if the IP addresses are going to remain like that.

There are plenty of low-cost easy to set up solutions out there along with the more expensive (but generally better) solutions from Cisco and HP etc...

What are the 2 servers connected to? Are they connected to a switch?

If so, the switch might be capable of routing between the subnets, you would just need to create 2 seperate VLANS on the switch, one for each subnet and away you go..

The other alternative is to use something like RRAS on Windows 2003 and an extra network card as mentioned,

Need a bit more info to help you properly...


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