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Tracing packet on hp-ux 11.31

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Tracing packet on hp-ux 11.31


i configured two lan card by auto port aggregation (lan2, lan11) lan902 with this IP and i have a network troubleshooting between server and router, the network admin he asking me when i ping from my server to this gateway from which lan card (lan2 or lan11) the packet send it.
How i can know that ?
and How to make lan2 only sending packet to this ip with APA availability

please find the attached file for all output you needed.


Re: Tracing packet on hp-ux 11.31


i think possible solutions are.

1 - change gateway of other ip.

2 - ask network admin to block other ip from router on that particular route.

3 - only mention required ip in server /etc/hosts configuration file on othe side where you only required particular ip.

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Re: Tracing packet on hp-ux 11.31

You completely omitted the APA configuration parameters. Please show the output of:

nwmgr -A all -c lan902 -S apa

Which APA mode are you using? If the mode is FEC_AUTO or LACP_AUTO, then like your HP-UX system has the link aggregate "lan902", the network administrator should have a similar aggregate configured to his switch. In these cases, the chosen Load Distribution Algorithm will choose which physical card to use for each destination.

Or have you set it up as a failover group? In that case, the cost and priority values will determine which physical card gets used if all of them are usable.