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Trying to config DHCP w/ AdvanceStack Router

Mike Hatfield
Occasional Visitor

Trying to config DHCP w/ AdvanceStack Router

I recently purchased an advancestack 440 router and I'm trying to set up DHCP-- AT&T does not use static IP addresses for their cable modems.

I am confused as to where I set this up in the configuration program.

Please Help!
Jamie Hughes
Honored Contributor

Re: Trying to config DHCP w/ AdvanceStack Router


I'm sorry but I'm confused by your question. Are you trying to setup DHCP on your network or is it already setup and you want to get an address for your Advancestack router? Or are you trying to route DHCP packets through the router?

If you're trying to setup DHCP, you do that on your NT server. If it is already setup and you're trying to assign an address to the router, I don't believe those routers function as DHCP clients. You will need to give it a fixed IP address.

If you are trying to pass DHCP traffic through the Advancestack router, you will need to open up ports 67 and 68 so it will pass bootp requests.

Please post more information and be more specific about what you are trying to do. I think you are trying to assign an address to the router, which you can't do with DHCP. It needs a fixed ip address. If you want to contact the router support team, you can reach them at 970-635-1000.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes