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Turning WINS off.

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Turning WINS off.

We are planning to remove WINS on our internal network with a mixture of HP-UX 11.31 servers and XP, Windows 7 workstations. Domain controllers are a mixture of win2003 and win2008. Does anybody know of or has experienced issues with HP-UX networking (for example, process performance changes) in doing something like this.

TIA for your responses.

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Re: Turning WINS off.

The base HP-UX OS does not use WINS at all: only the optional CIFS server and client subsystems are able to use WINS if you want them to.

And even for the CIFS subsystems, WINS is not required. Just make sure the name resolution configuration settings on the CIFS subsystems are set to sane values (i.e. the name resolution system that is actually in use in your network is tried first).