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VLAN's, APA and LAN_MONITOR on ia64 / B11.23

Ronald Jochems
Occasional Visitor

VLAN's, APA and LAN_MONITOR on ia64 / B11.23

Hi All,

Can someone help me with the following :
- HP server with 2 NIC's connecting to CISCO switch with ports in VLAN trunk mode (802.1q)

If i understand it correctly i should be able to :
- bind two physical interfaces (lan2 and lan6) into a APA link aggregate (lan900)
- have LAN_MONITOR on lan900
-configure the VLAN's 5000 on top of this.

# lanadmin -V scan

VLAN Physical VLAN PRI Pri ToS Tos Name
Interface Interface ID Override Override
Name Level Level
lan5339 lan2 339 0 CONF_PRI 0 IP_HEADER IPNpri
lan5342 lan2 342 0 CONF_PRI 0 IP_HEADER FINpri
lan5341 lan2 341 0 CONF_PRI 0 IP_HEADER RBSpri
lan5329 lan2 329 0 CONF_PRI 0 IP_HEADER OMSpri
root@NLSNSR01 [/etc/rc.config.d]

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: VLAN's, APA and LAN_MONITOR on ia64 / B11.23


Please post nwmgr output. You probably need to be root.

Please post your APA configuration if permitted by your security rules.

Note that for HP-UX APA normally changes are required on the Cisco switch to activate load balancing configurations.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation