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Vista and Procurve 4104gl

Larry Marcus
Occasional Visitor

Vista and Procurve 4104gl

I'm grasping at straws here so please forgive me if this sounds stupid. At the college here we have a Vista Laptop that connects to our network from the IT offices, but cannot in the RezHall. In the Rezhall it goes to a Procurve 4104gl. It will pull an IP but I cannot ping the gateway (the 4104). I receive a Destination unreachable. I have turned off IPv6 and the tunneling stuff that comes built in with Vista. Is it possible there is something with the switch and Vista that might be causing this?? Again, grasping at straws here.
Jon Finley
Honored Contributor

Re: Vista and Procurve 4104gl

If you're using Cisco Clean Access in the Res Halls, it's currently NOT compatible with Vista.

There is an update and upgrade path involved.

"Note: Vista is not supported on CCA 4.1(0)/"

Only in version

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