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Vlan Trunking to server

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Vlan Trunking to server

I have NC 373I NICs on a DL360 G5 and I am trying to configure VLAN trunking. I want to set up this server as a VMHost and want to beable to connect my VMs to be able to connect to any VLAN in the network.

I have tried to get this working by winging it because there is no documentation on HPs site as to how to configure this. I even called them and they could not provide me with anything.

I used the HP Network Configuration utility and was able to setup VLANs and choose a native VLAN. I have my Cisco 2950 configured to use the same native VLAN. It creates the virtual interfaces but I do not get link.

When I go back into the Configuration Utility I do not see my vlans even though they exist under Network Connections. I am running Windows 2003 with all of the latest patches. I have updated the NIC firmware, drivers, and Configuration Utility.

Nothing seems to work. See the screen shots attached.