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Where to find all things networking at HP Discover




By Teri Shiozaki, Social Media Manager, HP Networking



We are looking forward to HP Discover Barcelona in just a few days!  Here is where you can find all things HP Networking at the event. 


Be sure and sign up for the Networking Special Interest Group session on Wednesday and hear Omnicom CIO, Jason Cohen, talk about his epic journey with HP that resulted in the migration of business-critical data to three world-class data centers around the globe.  There will also be a reception immediately following this session so RSVP as space is filling up.



Tuesday, 10 December


Meet the new HP FlexFabric solutions


10:00 – 11:00, Room B08, Hall 8.0

Philippe Michelet, Director, FlexFabric/Management, HP


Datacenter networks are reaching a breaking point. Cloud, virtualization, and Big Data are placing unprecedented demands on the datacenter and accelerating the evolution of new application architectures. Today’s legacy networks are operationally complex and fragile, and provide limited scale. This session will provide an overview of new HP FlexFabric solutions and outline an architectural approach for datacenter networks that enables simplified, scalable, and automated solutions.


Increase your network investment protection with converged connectivity


10:30 – 11:00, Room DF5.8, Hall 5

Simon Huang, Global Product Line Manager, HP


Datacenter fabrics are the foundation of cloud and future IT environments. Convergence will help drive down capital expense. As part of that convergence, universal connections for fibre channel, fibre channel over Ethernet, and Ethernet will offer ultimate flexibility and investment protection with software configurable wire-once deployments. Learn how HP Networking solutions will help you realize such benefits.


Simplify and virtualize your network with HP Intelligent Resilient Framework


11:20 – 11:50, Room DF5.8, Hall 5

Dave Tucker, Technical Marketing Engineer, HP


Simplifying a network architecture has never been easier or more reliable. Increase your network availability and reduce complexity with HP's Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF). During this session, we will discuss how IRF can be used to strip unwanted layers out of your campus, branch or datacenter network architectures, boosting their performance, making them easier to manage, and ensuring that you get more out of your investment.


Transforming network provisioning for Microsoft Lync with Software Defined Networking (SDN)


12:10 – 12:40, Room DF5.8, Hall 5

Eric Holton, Advanced Technology Technical Marketing Engineer, HP


Learn how to unlock the full potential of Microsoft Lync for unified communications and collaboration (UC&C). Configuring networks to deliver IP voice and video is complex and tedious when using the box-by-box command line interface on today’s networks. The HP UC&C software-defined networking (SDN) application provides an alternative by using an SDN application programming interface developed as a proof of concept on the Microsoft Lync Server. The result?  Calls with land-line clarity, uninterrupted video, and PowerPoint presentations that transition smoothly on a shared desktop. Come hear from HP and Microsoft on how this works and how you can get started.


Treat wireless as just another media: HP unified wired and wireless BYOD solution


16:40 – 17:40, Room B08, Hall 8.0

Lars Koelendorf, Director, Wireless Business, HP


In today’s world, mobile devices are everywhere and are used for personal and business applications. Most professionals own multiple mobile devices, such as smart-phones, tablets, and laptops, and want to use these devices for business purposes. In this session, HP will share bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategies and solutions that you can deploy today.


A vision of the future: how HP innovations are transforming the networking industry


16:40 – 17:40, Room A03, Hall 8.0

Dominic Wilde, Vice President Global Product Line Management, HP


Over the last 40 years, HP has invented, driven, and contributed several technologies, standards, and solutions to the networking industry. Each time, our customers have benefited from market-leading simplification and performance, as well as the economic advantages of the HP solutions. During this session, Dominic Wilde, vice president of product development, HP Networking, will highlight existing technological innovations and a vision of the future proposed by HP. 



Wednesday, 11 December


Heineken’s mission-critical LAN refresh


9:00 – 10:00, Room A10, Hall 8.0

Roger Haan, Consultant Managed Services, Heineken

Michel Van Gils, IT Service Coordinator NL, Heineken


Heineken partnered with HP Network Services to refresh its mission-critical datacenter network and LAN in across all breweries and offices.  hear how Heineken describes this journey from an unstable, old network to a modern HP FlexNetwork Architecture.


What is Software Defined Networking (SDN)?


9:00 – 9:30, Room DT5.8, Hall 5

Kash Shaikh, Senior Director, Global Product and Technical Marketing, HP


Software-defined networking (SDN) is becoming increasingly relevant to enterprise IT. However, the term is often misused or misinterpreted. We’ll help you clarify the definition of SDN and what it means for your enterprise. During this session you will hear the HP point of view on SDN, which is aligned with a broader, open standards–based approach. 


HP's Software Defined Networking (SDN) and solution offering


9:50 – 10:20, Room DT5.8, Hall 5

Jacob Rapp, Senior Manager, SDN Marketing, HP


HP has enabled Software Defined Networking (SDN) since 2007 with the inception of the OpenFlow protocol. Over the past several years, HP has extended its leadership in OpenFlow support, SDN control plane, and SDN application solutions. Come and learn about the latest SDN solutions from HP.


How POST Technologies Luxembourg is enabling new services and business growth with a mission-critical network hosted through the cloud


10:30 – 11:30, Room A08, Hall 8.0

Gunther Van Audenhove, Country Manager, HP

Mohamed Ourdane, Head of ICT Infrastructure and CISO POST Luxembourg


POST Luxembourg is Luxembourg’s leading mail, content, internet, and telecommunications services operator and is the fifth largest employer in the country. The world has changed—ICE (information, communications, and entertainment) convergence integrates traditionally separate telecom and IT networks into a multi-service platform. During this session, Dr. Mohamed Ourdane will explain this complex journey and how the collaboration with HP Networking enables an ICE strategy by re-thinking and transforming POST’s entire datacenter network. The HP solution radically simplifies the network, making it easier to manage and significantly lowering IT costs. 


Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions in the real world


10:40 – 11:10, Room DT5.8, Hall 5

Eric Holton, Advanced Technology Technical Marketing Engineer, HP


Software Defined Networking (SDN) is real and real customers are deploying SDN applications today. Join this session to learn about some of these deployments and see a demonstration of an SDN application that uses industry-standard OpenFlow.


Embrace software-defined networking: The future of networking is here


12:00 – 1:00, Room A02, Hall 8.0

Bethany Mayer, SVP and GM, HP Networking

Diego Lopez, Head of Technology Exploration, Global CTO Unity, Telefonica I+D


What if you could provision, configure, and manage your network on the fly? Virtual workloads and storage can be provisioned in minutes, so why do we have to wait weeks for network service provisioning? Software-defined networks (SDNs) deliver programmable, automated infrastructure you can align to your business applications for agility. SDN will eliminate the manual box-by-box network configuration known as human middleware, which has increased operational cost and complexity for decades. Join Bethany Mayer, SVP and GM, HP Networking, to learn how HP’s SDN innovations address today’s megatrends—cloud, mobility, Big Data, and security. Bethany will be joined by Dr. Diego Lopez, head of technology exploration at Telefonica Research & Development. Dr. Lopez will outline how Telefonica is partnering with HP Networking in the application of HP Software-defined Networking solutions to secure campus networks, and network infrastructures in general, in the framework of two European-wide initiatives: AC/DC and SECURED.


BYOD the HP way


16:30 – 17:30, Room B08, Hall 8.0

Erik Papir, Director – WW Technical Marketing, HP


Today’s IT managers, directors, and CIOs are facing increased challenges in managing the data explosion over their campuses while embracing BYOD. HP has taken a holistic approach to solving BYOD challenges by offering a broad solution that goes beyond secure access to the network. The HP unified BYOD solution is the industry’s first to deliver secure device onboarding, provisioning, and monitoring, through a single management application.


Emerging applications for Software Defined Networking (SDN) in the enterprise


16:30 – 17:30, Room A10, Hall 8.0

Bruno Hareng, Product Manager SDN/Security, HP


SDN is already a reality in research labs, enterprise research and development departments, and some customer production networks. Join this session to learn about the various SDN use cases in the enterprise and how a simple OpenFlow rule can revolutionize your existing infrastructure to offer a more agile, secure, scalable, and automated network.


Connect Enterprise Networking Special Interest Group (SIG)


16:30 – 17:30, Room C05, Hall 8.0

Heinz-Hermann Adam - President, Connect

Nina Buik - CMO, Connect Worldwide

Jason Cohen - CIO, Omnicom 


Join global networking and IT peers for a roundtable discussion about HP Networking’s products and solutions including mobility and Software Defined Networking.  Learn how customers are deploying these technologies in a variety of different scenarios.  Don’t miss this opportunity to discuss your networking questions directly with HP Networking subject matter experts.



Thursday, 12 December


Optimize your BYOD solution security with Software Defined Networking (SDN)


9:00 – 9:30, DF5.8, Hall 5

Eric Holton, Advanced Technology Technical Marketing Engineer, HP


With multiple devices accessing your network from anywhere at any time, security needs to be a priority. In a software-defined network (SDN), security can be woven across your network. To enable this, HP offers HP Sentinel Security, an SDN application. Developed in conjunction with several HP Lighthouse customers, HP Sentinel Security leverages TippingPoint/DVLabs threat-prevention intelligence across the entire network, using OpenFlow as the key enablement technology. Learn about HP Sentinel Security and what they need to do today to get their network security fit for tomorrow's SDN-based world.


Top five wireless deployment frustrations


9:00 – 10:00, Room A07, Hall 8.0

Ian Love, Solution Architect – Wireless Mobility, HP


Frustrated that your wireless network is not performing as you expect? Struggling with meeting the new demands of mobile users, portable devices, and BYOD? Choosing the right frequency channel, data rate settings, sensors, and other advanced features makes the difference between a fast, stable network and one that is a chore to use and manage. In this session, we will explain the five most frustrating wireless troubleshooting problems and demonstrate how applying symptom, cause, and resolution methodologies will help resolve your wireless network problems quickly and efficiently.


Managing your virtual network resources


9:00 – 10:00, Room C02, Hall 8.0

Les Stuart, Global Product Line Manager, HP


In this session, we will discuss a new Network Resource Manager (NRM) module dedicated to virtualized networks and how to quickly instantiate new services in your network. NRM is a networking fabric orchestration engine intended to deliver an intelligent, virtualized, on-demand fabric connectivity for tenants, applications, and services. Serving various networking use models, NRM provides L2 and L3 connectivity, end-to-end quality of service, and L4–7 services integration by modeling, provisioning, and monitoring “virtual slices” across the physical network.


HP Software-Defined Networking Controller and Software Developer Kit in action


9:50 – 10:20, DF5.8,  Hall 5

Dave Tucker, Technical Marketing Engineer, HP


Bring your applications back to life. Make them agile as they have never been before. Learn about the HP Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Controller and its Software Development Kit. During this micro-forum, we will show you how quickly an SDN development environment can be set up with the HP Virtual Application Network SDN Controller. We will explain the process for writing an application using the REST API and the Java SDK.


HP and VMware introduce a federated management solution for physical and virtual datacenter networks


10:30 – 11:30, Room A07, Hall 8.0

Kash Shaikh, Senior Director, Global Product and Technical Marketing, HP


Together, VMware and HP have announced a plan to deliver the industry’s first federated network solution, designed to provide customers unified automation of and visibility over their physical and virtual datacenter networks. Join this session to learn how this new HP+VMware solution will federate the HP Virtual Application Networks SDN controller with the VMware NSX to provide customers with an integrated approach to automating their physical and virtual network infrastructure.


HP Networking reference architectures—best practices for deploying network modules


10:30 – 11:30, Room B08, Hall 8.0

Erik Papir, Director – WW Technical Marketing, HP


HP Networking reference architectures are designed to help you integrate HP's FlexNetwork architecture into your network with ease and efficiency. In this session, we will discuss deployment best practices and vertical solutions. Join us and learn.


Make BYOD management and security simple with HP Intelligent Management Center


10:40 – 11:10, DF5.8, Hall 5

Ian Love, Solution Architect – Wireless Mobility, HP


Managing the network connectivity, security and post authentication monitoring is a daunting task. During this session we will demonstrate how the HP IMC solution can provide a single tool for end-to-end management and administration of BYOD.


Manage your software-defined networks and hybrid environments with HP Intelligent Management Center


12:00 – 1:00, Room D05, Hall 8.0

Les Stuart, Global Product Line Manager, HP


This session will focus on single-point management of software-defined networking (SDN) and hybrid environments. The HP SDN manager—built on top of HP Intelligent Management Center’s single-pane-of-glass network services platform—uses flow monitoring, topology mapping, and troubleshooting features to provide full SDN management with hybrid environment capabilities in the same interface as the wired, wireless, physical, and virtual network. 


Modernize your datacenter with HP Networking


12:00 – 13:00, Room C09, Hall 8.0

Ahmad Zamer, Senior Global Product Marketing Manager, HP


This session will explore the business and technical benefits of HP’s datacenter networking solutions. Find out how you can meet your business requirements, address competitive pressure and modernize your datacenter. Build a more agile business and focus on innovations with HP FlexFabric and innovative solutions that support your initiatives, including datacenter convergence, virtualization and software defined networking.




For logistics once you arrive Barcelona and other HP Discover information, please see the HP Discover Insider blog


We have a great group of bloggers attending HP Discover Barcelona - follow them and hear their perspectives!  This year we are delighted to have networking experts join us: Greg Ferro, Lindsay Hill, and Brent Salisbury.



>> For more information visit 



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