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Why HP Intelligent Management Center 7.0 should be on your radar

by Gladys Alegre-Kimura, Global Product Marketing Manager, HP Networking



Last week, HP just released a couple new modules to Intelligent Management Center (IMC) 7 – IMC VAN Fabric Manager and IMC VAN SDN Manager. I’ll explain what those are a little later. Some of you may not be aware that IMC 7.0 was released about 2 months ago with a lot of new upgrades that you as a customer will appreciate.


Here are some key features I would like to highlight from the IMC 7.0 release:

  • New UI based on HTML 5
  • Support for Cisco wireless
  • Change to user licensing



IMC is nearly free of Java, not the coffee kind either. What that means for you – a UI that is more agile and speedy. Kind of ironic since coffee is supposed to make you speedy. There are other advantages to HTML 5 such as obsoleting the need for a dedicated mobile app and the need to go to iTunes or Google Play.  You can operate a fully functional IMC from your tablet or get the necessary alerts and alarms from your phone. Another thing that was added, although not dependent on HTML 5, are color themes for your viewing pleasure – Ocean (shown below, which is my favorite), Classic, Gun Metal and Midnight (for those of you techies who like the black).




IMC 7.0 Home screen in Ocean theme


There are some other workflow changes but we will leave that for another blog.


Support for Cisco wireless


For those of you who have Cisco wireless infrastructure, IMC 7.0 Wireless Services Manager now supports Cisco. This is a great step in the right direction and delivers unified wired and wireless management for those with Cisco wireless infrastructure.


New licensing structure


We have simplified the purchasing and licensing process for IMC. We now sell IMC in packs of 50 nodes, which are generally considered managed devices. Prior to this, we had different SKUs for different sizes and when you pieced your solution together; your quote might have looked a little complicated. We have made it less complicated by eliminating many of the SKUs that would have appeared on your order.


Concurrent licensing was incorporated into user-based modules such as User Access Manager, Endpoint Admission Defense and User Behavior Analyzer. So, instead of having to purchase a user license for everyone in your company, you just have to buy licenses for the number of users accessing the network, on average, at any given time. For those who purchased dedicated licenses for each user in their company with previous IMC versions, you can contact HP support and convert those licenses to concurrent licensing.


Now on to the new modules just released on December 9.


VAN Fabric Manager


Another new module that simplifies data center network management is VAN Fabric Manager. With this new application, you get a unified view of data center fabric components enabling you to quickly troubleshoot. Here are some of the things you can do with VAN Fabric Manager.

  • Deploy SPB and TRILL configuration more quickly
  • Manage data centers across geographically dispersed locations more effectively through Ethernet Virtual Interconnect (EVI)
  • Playback your VMware vMotion so you can prevent slow vMotion
  • Unified data center bridging exchange (DCBx), FCoE converged management

We’ll be discussing more about VAN Fabric Manager in a future blog.


VAN SDN Manager


Now this is a new IMC application which will manage all 3 layers of a software-defined networking environment, an industry first. For now, it just manages the control and infrastructure layer since the HP supported SDN applications are not yet officially released. With VAN SDN Manager, you gain the following:


  • Consistent management experience across traditional and software defined networks
  • Configuration, monitoring & policy management for a software defined network
  • OpenFlow switch management for quick troubleshooting and deployment
  • Performance management of the control point of your network

For those of you who are looking to deploy SDN, you should consider VAN SDN Manager because you will still need to know if your network is healthy. Better yet, you can manage your SDN environment alongside your traditional environment for unified network management.


As you can see with IMC 7.0, we upgraded your user experience and released several new capabilities to existing IMC modules or added new modules. If you want to try IMC 7.0 out, you can get a 60 day eval copy here.


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