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Why a “Unified Network” saves you time and money

By Dragana Beara, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, HP Networking


Dragana BearaChances are good that you are using mobile technologies to develop new sources of competitive advantage for your business. Improvements to employee productivity and new, innovative modes of customer engagement, for instance, are some of those possible advantages. Unfortunately, you could be facing the all too common prospect of shrinking budgets. The pressure, from both competitors and customers, to mobile enable your enterprise is forcing IT organizations to rethink their network strategy, especially when it comes to wireless network deployments.


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So the dilemma you’re confronted with is how to actually get more return with fewer resources at your disposal. A recently published IDC whitepaper explains how a unified wired and wireless network can improve productivity and financial returns for organizations. They found TCO reduction can reach up to 47%. 


What can you do to realize those kinds of reductions? You should first deploy a unified network solution designed for unified access, BYOD, security, and unified management. With that type of environment, you can lower TCO through:

  • increased  IT staff productivity
  • reduced operational and capital costs
  • enhanced user productivity
  • increased business revenue

For example, a unified network architecture can lower IT capital and operating costs through simplified management as well as by leveraging common hardware and software across your wired and wireless networks. This obviously not only lowers your equipment spend, but has the added potential to reduce your network’s real estate footprint and the costs that come with maintaining that footprint.


You know that end-user productivity is critical for your business results. Giving your employees the opportunity to work whenever they want, from wherever they want - across a secure, reliable connection with sufficient bandwidth - will ensure productivity and business results.



To find out more about how a unified network can enhance your business, end user, and IT staff productivity, while reducing TCO:

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Also, follow #SwitchtoHP on Twitter to follow the latest news coming from HP on how to unify your network, divide your costs, and reduce TCO by up to 47%” with an HP Unified Network.


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