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Windows 2000 NC7170 teaming NFT problem

Alessandro Pilati
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Windows 2000 NC7170 teaming NFT problem

I have a PC HP DC7600 with Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 and a PCI NIC NC7170. I download the latest driver for NIC (ver. and Network Configuration Utility (ver. I use Network Configuration Utility to set NC7170 teaming and I configure with NFT (network fault tolerance only) my NIC. All other parameters are set to default. The interface work in fault tolerance but it's very slow. It's so slow that I have a big loss of packets from my software and if I download file by FTP I need much time. If I use NC7170 not in teaming, it work fine (both interfaces) and I haven't any problem.
I changed NIC with another NC7170 but I have the same problem.
I tried NC7170 in teaming on a HP workstation XW4300 with Windows 2000 and the same NIC's drivers but I have the same problem.
My colleague have the same problem on a HP Proliant server with NC7170 and Windows 2000.
If I try NC7170 in teaming (NFT) but I work with Windows NT I haven't any problem (NIC 7170 teaming NFT works fine).

Can anyone help me or give me a suggestion ?
if you don't try, you'll never know if you are able to
Charles Salisbury
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Re: Windows 2000 NC7170 teaming NFT problem


I am trying to troubleshoot a similar problem with a team. If you open the HP network utility, select one of the teamed adapters, bring up properties, then diagnostics, and run the diagnostics on it, do the problems go away?

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Re: Windows 2000 NC7170 teaming NFT problem

I too have the same problems in windows 2000 servers (ProLiant DL580 G2), BIOS version - P27(15/09/2004)

Even, we have updated the latest PSP version 7.6,

NC7170 Dual Gigabit Server Adapter - HP Gigabit NIC Driver, version:
Network Teaming Virtual Miniport Driver, version:
teaming type: NFT


Issues: Server is frequently failing in teaming and server is in RTO, then we need to disable and re-enable either of the teamed cards to resume in to the network. However when we assign the ips to the individual cards we didn't face any issue. This issue starts when we use the teaming.


Please anyone could help me with solutions that will be great.