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Windows 2000 Server DNS clarification for name servers

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Peter A. Berger Jr.
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Windows 2000 Server DNS clarification for name servers

I have a question about Win2k DNS servers and the Name Servers Tab. Please see dns.jpg attachment for clarification. The zone in question is an Active Directory Primary zone. I have added all of the DNS servers around the world into this Name Servers tab. Does this need to be so? The reason I ask is that Windows Help for Name Servers says, "this diaplays a list of DNS servers configured to be authoritative for the zone. In most cases, this includes all other DNS servers that host the secondary zones." This is ambigious because it says that the names listed here are authoritative, but it also says it includes hosted secondary zones. What I'd like to achieve is reduced network traffic and for all of the servers listed to be able to pull zone transfers, but not be authroitative for my zone. So should these servers be listed here. Any help would be great. Thanks. :)
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Re: Windows 2000 Server DNS clarification for name servers


This article will be very helpful for you. At the end of this article, download the MultiMedia Training and burn it into a CD.;en-us;330511&Product=win2000

the name server (NS) resource record is used to notate which DNS servers are designated as authoritative for the zone. By listing a server in the NS RR, it becomes known to others as an authoritative server for the zone. This means that any server specified in the NS RR is to be considered an authoritative source by others, and is able to answer with certainty any queries made for names included in the zone.
The SOA and NS resource records occupy a special role in zone configuration. They are required records for any zone and are typically the first resource records listed in files. By default, the Add New Zone wizard automatically creates these records when a new primary zone is added using the DNS snap-in.

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