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Windows Terminal Services and sound ?

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Windows Terminal Services and sound ?

Should it be possible to hear audible beeps when the client say WINXP connects to a WIZ2K using terminal services ? The WIZ2k host does not have a sound card but the WIZXP client does. Does sound work with windows terminal services ?

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Re: Windows Terminal Services and sound ?

Maybe this one can help you:

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Re: Windows Terminal Services and sound ?

You will need W2k3 Terminal services.

See the Local Resources Tab.

The Local Resources tab enables you to control whether or not client resources are accessible in your remote session.

The first setting on the tab deals with whether audio will be used in the session.The
default setting, Bring to this Computer, enables you to transfer any sounds played in the session from the Terminal Services computer to the client. Audio transfer can be bandwidth intensive in a thin client environment, so Microsoft also gives you the opportunity to not transfer this audio.

The capability to transfer audio is one of the important differences between the
RDC client and the older Windows 2000 Terminal Services client.
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Re: Windows Terminal Services and sound ?

We originally had sound on the client PC, but I was mistaken thinking it was running Terminal services. It was a running a client routine. The license for the client expired, thereby stopping the sound.

Next setp will be an upgrade.
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