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Windows Wireless Network Problem

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Windows Wireless Network Problem

Been researching this a lot lately and have found no solution. Hope someone here can help.

I have an HP Pavilion dv8305us with built-in Broadcom BCM4320 wireless adapter running Windows XP MCE 2005 with SP2. I can only see one wireless network - my home adapter. Traveling to other locations, WinXP will not pick up any other available access points. I disabled HP Wireless Assistant quite a while ago. I investigated re-enabling it, but starting it makes even my home network disappear until I reboot without th HP Wireless Assistant set to start.

I also have Windows Vista installed in a dual boot configuration. Vista sees all networks in range wherever I go, and I can attach to other wireless access points (friends' homes, cafes, etc) with absolutely no problem.

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Thanks in advance!

Re: Windows Wireless Network Problem

You should try uninstalling the wireless assitant. You can always download it again from HP. I am wonderign if simply having it disabled is blocking your ability to search for new networks.
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Re: Windows Wireless Network Problem

Or just try this 3rd party application.

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Re: Windows Wireless Network Problem

I actually found a solution to this problem on's forums.

The properties for the Wireless Adapter needed to be set differently. By disabling power saving features and enabling any wireless type (802.11x), I was able to go from seeing only my own WAP to about seven.

Thanks for the help. The wireless radar software looks compelling.
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