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Windows XP and DNS suffix

Cara Tock
Regular Advisor

Windows XP and DNS suffix

I am trying to issue a command that tests the DNS server for a SRV record. When in Win2k or WINNT I get a response back from DNS. I just need to make sure that I add an entry to append these dns suffixes in order and add an entry to DNS suffix for this connection. In Win XP the only time I get the correct response back is with a fully qualified name. I need to add the dns suffix to get a response back. Without it I get nothing. My guess here is that Win XP is not adding the dns suffix. Any ideas? I have tried everything. Thanks
Jonathan Axford
Trusted Contributor

Re: Windows XP and DNS suffix

Have you added a 'Dns suffix for this connection' in the advanced TCP/IP properties for the Local Area Connection?

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