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Wireless Access Point & Server 2008 Std. NPS (Network Policy Server)

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Wireless Access Point & Server 2008 Std. NPS (Network Policy Server)

Wireless Access Point & Server 2008 Std. NPS (Network Policy Server)

I am looking for direction in the configuration of this whole new package Microsoft has created which replaces IAS. I have worked with Microsoft IAS server in limited situations and am looking to leverage the capabilities and grow a better understanding of how to configure its replacement to better secure my Wireless network. If you could help direct me in the configuration of this setup which could apply to any RADIUS capable WAP device it would be greatly appreciated. Below I have stated my current configuration and specifically what I am looking to accomplish.

*IP addresses are only for example purposes and are not actually used IP’s

Current Configuration:
• Server 2003 SP2 DC with DHCP, DNS, WINS, and AD
• Server 2008 with NPS and Domain Certification Authority
• HP ProCurve 420 Wireless Access Point
• Core switch with VLans assigned and all devices mentioned connected
• Two networks Guest and Private
• Guest VLan has internet access only, network
• Private VLan has corporate & internet access, network
• Networks separated via VLans, no routing between VLans, each internet connections behind its own firewall.
• ProCurve 420 WAP Ethernet Port is part of both VLans
• WAP added to the NPS RADIUS Clients with the following settings; IP:, Device Manufacture: RADIUS Standard, NAP-Capable: No, Status: Enabled, Shared Key: Manually Entered

What I am looking to accomplish:
• Authenticate users connecting to the WAP via NPS
• Dynamically assign wireless users to Guest VLan, if user authentication is successful then dynamically assign that wireless user to Private VLan.

What I need Assistance / Direction with:
• Configuration of the Policies on the Network Policy Server (NPS)

Thank you for any help you may provide as well as working towards a useful how-to that others may reference!