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XDMCP and HP-UX 11i-V1

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XDMCP and HP-UX 11i-V1

I am struggling with a freshly installed HP-UX11i version1. I have here a rp7410 and just installed the OS from the CD set. I'm not a hero on these HP-UX systems, so my Problem might be basically stupid.
I'm trying to get a connection from my Laptop running MobaXterm (highly recommendable free software) through the XDMCP protocol.
But all I get is a black screen.
My questions now:
Do I have to install the CDE desktop manually? is it not included in the UX installation?
swlist can't tell it to me, it only replies with errors.
what else do I have to change to get a x-terminal connection?



P.S. This thread has been moved from HP-UX>General to HP-UX > networking. -HP Forum Moderator

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