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Xnest to HP-UX/VUE problem (blank menus)

Brian High
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Xnest to HP-UX/VUE problem (blank menus)

The good news is that I have Xnest working almost perfectly from linux machines to our HP/UX 10.20 server running VUE and Chemstation. The fonts work, the numeric keypad works, and it runs faster than the old Envizex X-terminals. The problem is that some of the menus in some applications (Edit menu of vuepad and almost all menus of SAM) show up as blank for one or more menu items. The odd thing is that (seemingly randomly) the menu will work fine once in a while. Although my users are liking their new Linux terminals, the "empty menus" and driving them crazy. Any ideas on this one? (Same problem from Mandrake/Gnome and Debian/KDE.) Xnest command is:
Xnest :1 -query chemserver -ac -geometry 1275X945 -class Pseudo-Color
-fp tcp/localhost:7100
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Re: Xnest to HP-UX/VUE problem (blank menus)

I know it is an old thread.

Did you find a solution of this Problem?