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another server hang

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another server hang

My server is lp 2000 r .I have met with a problem. It will hang after 6 or 7 hour. Then if i chang the IP and recover the old one it can work again.
another sever hang
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Re: another server hang

hi Eddy,
make sure you are changing the IP address with set_parms
and not with vi /etc/hosts.

You might also want to make sure that your dns configuration
is updated if any.

In worst case you might want to force a dump (TOC) and use
the /var/adm/crash dump to analyse why it is hanging.

The HP Wilderbeast gdb utility can help you there.

It works for me (tm)
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Re: another server hang


What I understood from ur question is after changing the ip address of ur server , it is hanging. If U recover the old IP address, it is working fine. Am I right?

U follow these steps to change ip address

First decide ur new ip address. And ping to that ip address from ur server and confirm that, this ip address is free. then from ur server

#set_parms ip_address

Enter the correct ip address.
#cd /etc
#more hosts

Confirm whether ur change is updated hosts file or not. In case not please edit it.

#cd /etc/rc.config.d
#more netconf

Confirm ur change is updated this file or not. In case not please edit.

Now ur changes will take effect, though it is better to reboot and be in safe side.

Best of luck