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apache rewrite failure 2.0.58 (HP-UX 11.23)

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apache rewrite failure 2.0.58 (HP-UX 11.23)


Through Apache, pull the dn (distinct name) off of a certificate stored on a smart card (this works)
Through Apache, take that dn and store it as an environment variable (this fails) the module we are using is mod_rewrite

Pass the dn environment variable to webMethods as an attribute in the http header
we are using mod_header.

We are unable to pass the env variable. Variable is blank.

Another problem even if we start the apache at the debug level 9, we do not get anything in the logfile.

Has anyone seen this problem? Is there a work around?

We are starting the apache as a normal user with higher level port.

This user has full permission to all the apache directories.


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