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automountd error

Super Advisor

automountd error

Hi Admins,


Syslog shows below error as automounting not working.


automountd[1425]: eohoftpsrv01 server not responding: RPC: Program/version mismatch



Server is B.11.31


How to solve the issue.




Honored Contributor

Re: automountd error

Can you mount the same NFS filesystem manually in some other mountpoint on this server?


If yes, this would be a problem with the automounter specifically.


If not, the problem is with NFS, not automounter.


These commands might be useful to identify the various RPC services required by NFS, their versions and port numbers:

rpcinfo -p
rpcinfo -p eohoftpsrv01



Re: automountd error

Hi Pavan,


This error normally comes when the particular version in a given program number of RPC is not running or not available.

You can check what is the nfs version that automountd is trying to mount.

file /etc/ will have details.

On server, check if mountd program is running on all versions or not

rpcinfo | grep mountd.

You can try restarting mountd on server if you see any issue there and check again.