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bonding 2 network cards

bonding 2 network cards

We want to bond 2 network cards

Please help

Os: HP-ux 11i v3
Model: rx2660

S. Ney
Trusted Contributor

Re: bonding 2 network cards

I would take a look into HP's APA product. It will allow you to create link aggregates or trunks of multiple ports. I would get the latest version from HP's software site. You'll have to make sure that your network switches are supported, which ones can be found in the admin guide. I've set up APA on 4 systems so far and its relatively easy. Mostly requires you and your network team to be on the same page. I don't see it on HP's site but do a web search for APA quick start guide. Other links below.

Chandrahasa s
Valued Contributor

Re: bonding 2 network cards


follow below steps,

decide which two lan interface you want to put in apa

both interface should be in same vlan.

verify link between to interface using command

# linkloop -i PrimaryPPANumber StationAddrOfSecondary

# vi /etc/rc.config.d/hp_apaportconf


vi /etc/rc.config.d/hp_apaconf

# /sbin/init.d/hplm stop
# /sbin/init.d/hpapa stop
# /sbin/init.d/hpapa start
#lanqueryconf -s

more /etc/lanmon/lanconfig.ascii

verify lan interface entry is proper here

sbin/init.d/hplm start

lanscan -q

it shoudl show like

900 0 1


Honored Contributor

Re: bonding 2 network cards

Or the EASY way:

Launch sam -- now called SMH.

# smh

Hakuna Matata.
Honored Contributor

Re: bonding 2 network cards

Chandrahasa s

That config is for a standby lan card configuration.

If we speak of bonding, we want nics in and active/active configuration, so we get a big fat pipe.

take a look at the APA documentation, suggested in the above posts
Windows?, no thanks
Honored Contributor

Re: bonding 2 network cards

Caveat Emptor:

You bond or aggregate (APA) 2 NICs to do either of 3 scenarios:

1. redundancy
2. aggregation (bandwidth increase or trunking)
3. aggregation+redundancy

BEFORE implementing one or the other - BE sure to check with your network persons (if separate fiefdom) that the switch infrastructure support such so they can set their end properly.

Hakuna Matata.