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configuring layer 2 IP addresses

Mehmood Khan
Occasional Contributor

configuring layer 2 IP addresses

I have two HPUX servers, rx3600 and rx2800. On both the machines there are two IP addresses configured, one for admin and other for backup. Admin IP is working fine. Backup IP's configured on layer 2 network on network side. On hpux 11.31 side backup IP's are configured properly, linkloop, nwmgr and lanadmin showing them online and up and running. However, i am unable to ping these them from each other. IF I connect two laptop on the same network by using same ethernet cables both laptops can ping each other. IS there any suggestion?

Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: configuring layer 2 IP addresses

Are these two IP addresses assigned to two separate LAN cards or are they layered onto a single LAN card (such as lan0:1)? If they are layered, are the two addresses in same subnet? Do you have have a VLAN setup on the network switch?

Bill Hassell, sysadmin