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curl with sftp service

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curl with sftp service


I have installed curl 7.37.1 but the Service sftp is missing.



/usr/local/bin# ./curl -VERSION

curl 7.37.1 (hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.31) libcurl/7.37.1 OpenSSL/1.0.1h zlib/1.2.3 libidn/1.15

Protocols: dict file ftp ftps gopher http https imap imaps ldap ldaps pop3 pop3s rtsp smtp smtps telnet tftp

Features: IDN IPv6 Largefile NTLM NTLM_WB SSL libz TLS-SRP



you know as I can install the service sftp or curl.?

Thank you.

Best regards.


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