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files larger 1 GB fails on downloads

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files larger 1 GB fails on downloads

We have a Proliant ML 350 G4 with a HP NC 7761 and the latest drivers(HP),Win 2003 server SP1.
During the download from our network of large files we get the following error:
"file could not be copied cause the networkname is not longer available."
But in the explorer you can handle the files.

We already changed the values of mtu in the registry to 1472.
Other servers in this network do not have these problems.
I do not know at the moment what is the problem. The server is new, with a new installation of windows.
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Re: files larger 1 GB fails on downloads

It seems that you have a "intermitent network connection problem". This may be caused by problems with the speed negotiation of the adapter.

You cannot transfer large ammount of data, but small data, like folder browsing, works.

Verify the network status, and statistics with netstat -s.

Do you have the same issue if you transfer the files using, for example, internet explorer, ftp? (You need a local web server)
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Re: files larger 1 GB fails on downloads

This may be a firewall settings issue.

The article addresses XP, but states that this can also occur on 2000 and 2003 systems.;en-us;840164

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Re: files larger 1 GB fails on downloads

folder browsing is no small amount of data. try it over a modem line.

explorer is pretty poor as a file utility, can you copy this file with FTP or even the copy command from the dos prompt? robocopy might also work.

MTU shouldn't have anything to do with this, as files in excess of a few hundred bytes will span multiple packets (thus fill up to the mtu on all but the last), and the file you're trying to copy is roughly 6 million packets long.

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Re: files larger 1 GB fails on downloads

Get yourself a copy of DrTCP -- that MTU doesn't seem right...
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Re: files larger 1 GB fails on downloads

We tried now several things. Filecopy with DOS we get the message: "The time limit for the Semaphore was reached". The firewall is deactivated.
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Re: files larger 1 GB fails on downloads

Hi rochusleinert,

I would not call myself a network expert and I am pretty much sure that what I am about to say sounds idiotic but here it goes anyway.

The most probable issue seems to be network oriented, your network is not able to handle the large amount of data the server is trying to upload. Now the speed of the lan card is set to auto manage most of the time but u can try something here, try manually changing the speed of lan card to 100 mbps or 10 mbps and try full or half duplex depending on the speed that your switch or router can handle. Under setting of the lan card u should find advanced and under that speed and duplex. Now I am not at all familiar with servers or Windows server OS so what I am saying might not be valid in this case but there have been issues with ordinary systems when they try to auto manage the speed to the speed of the network or an older modem the problem comes up.

A complete reboot and a power cycle after changing the setting manually seems to work and that is the reason I am thinking this could be the problem with the server as well.

Anyways hope this helps u out and if not, well I had to try.

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Re: files larger 1 GB fails on downloads

I have the same problem on an identical machine. All Nic drivers are up to latest ver but has not helped.

Was there ever a solution to this problem?
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