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fishy network connections

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fishy network connections


I have a HP Pav 9870. Recently the connection to the internet through a road runner cable hook up has been a bit buggy. evey once and a while I'd have to reboot to be able to get to websites. Now it does not work at all. Here's what I've tried:

took my hub and router/switch out of the equation - directly connected to cable modem - did not help.

uninstalled all network adaptors/protocols - reinstalled - no luck

tried new cat5 cable - no luck
tested old cable - it's still good :)

reset up all road runner bs - no help

released renewed all network settings - no dice

took out nic card - rebooted -shutdown reinstall - no luck

tried different nic card - no luck

back to old nic card (came with computer) - nada

tested new and old nic in different computer - both work.

check IRQ - shared with other components - but no conflicts - couldn't change IRQ according to applet..

any other ideas?

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Re: fishy network connections

Found the problem:

Zone alarm- i had uninstalled it b4 installing my gateway. Once i reinstalled it, everything was peachy.

I can't run without it since whenever I uninstall, my connecti0on dies not work!!!!
Denver Osborn
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Re: fishy network connections

Just to make sure you see it. I updated your other post with information for uninstalling zone alarm.,11866,0xbff6c6af36b7d5118ff10090279cd0f9,00.html