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ftp slow between HP servers

Dave Chamberlin
Trusted Contributor

ftp slow between HP servers



I have a process that ftp's 100MB files from server A (rp7420, hpux 11.23) to server B (rp8400, hpux 11.31). The servers were across town from each other, the circuit a 50MB. The typical transfer rate was about 5000KB/sec, and  no issues 


We have moved server B to another state now, but with a 100MB circuit. Now my transfer rate is 800KB/sec. There is no difference which direction the data is going, and the same rate holds for different servers as well. The servers both have 1G interfaces set to 1000 full-duplex, autonegotiate. If I transfer files to windows server at location B - I get a rate above 2000KB/sec. The network guys tell me the pipe is not saturated and I am using only 6MB bandwidth. To local machines at either site I get rates above 40000KB/sec. The network people are not experiencing an issue with windows servers etc. Just the HP servers. Any ideas? Thanks

Duncan Edmonstone
Honored Contributor

Re: ftp slow between HP servers

Are the windows servers using FTP or something else? It's only a real comparison if they are using FTP as well...


I would start by looking to see if you have any errors being reported in the network physical level on both HP-UX boxes - identify which lan interface the traffic is going through between the servers (lan0, lan1 etc...) and then use lanadmin to clear down the stats, run the FTP and then look at the stats (at both ends). So assuming the traffic was going out of lan0:


lanadmin -c 0

<run the FTP>

lanadmin -g mibstats 0


remember to do this at both ends...


see any errors?