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full/half duplex ethernet/fddi

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full/half duplex ethernet/fddi

fddi doesn't have full/half duplex settings
does it?
And I don't see anything for 1000Base-T
configuration. Does it even support half/full

I have also tried some of the suggestions from
other post to see if full/half duplex is
set on systems at least running ether.

lanadmin -x 0


for lan0 gives me nothing. same on others.

lanadmin -x
on some systems barks about not supported on this hardware.


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Re: full/half duplex ethernet/fddi


Methinks you are in the wrong forum. lanadmin is an hpux command so you should be in the hpux/networking forum at:

That being said isn't fddi defined as a 100-Mbps token-passing, dual-ring LAN using fiber-optic cable. Traffic is usually one way in opposite directions on each ring. Therefore I see no reason why it would support any of the options you mention. Are you sure you are not talking about a simple fiber connection which does operate at 1000 but uses two fibers, one for each direction so is always full duplex and has no option to change speeds.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event