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hp_dlpi_wput errors

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hp_dlpi_wput errors

Hi, I am getting the following error on my HP box every 10 minutes....
hp_dlpi_wput:Received an unrecognized primitive: 101d

I did some research on the HP site and I know that it is "Data Link Provider Interface" basically the link between the network & data link layers. What I need to figure out is why I am getting this error and why is it at ten minute intervals.

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Re: hp_dlpi_wput errors

Hi Dave,

Have a look at this thread:

Do you have anything cron'ed or otherwise scheduled on this host or another that runs every ten minutes and that uses network services?

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Re: hp_dlpi_wput errors

This was a known issue which is resolved by 11.11 LAN patch PHNE_32396.

The patch is superseded by PHNE_34427 and it requires reboot.

Actually, DLPI flash this messages when it receives the unrecognised primitive 101d as per of error acknowledgement. This message is unwanted and removed with the patch.
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Re: hp_dlpi_wput errors

From the path info it says
"20. ( SR:8606395509 CR:JAGaf55518 )
Unwanted messages may be seen in the console similar to the following message:
"hp_dlpi_wput:Received an unrecognized primitive: 1019"

This is an "unawanted message" What the heck does that mean? Is it an error that could could be causing latency? Or just a standard error because it doesn't know what the primativee is? I haven't been able to find a whole lot of info on it.

Thanks for the replys