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ifconfig -a not working on HP-UX , why ?


ifconfig -a not working on HP-UX , why ?

Hi ,


Wont ifconfig -a work on HP-UX server ?


server version is :

HP-UX wlsms01 B.11.11 U 9000/800 3995265642 unlimited-user license


Is their any alternate command for this in HP-UX ?







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Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: ifconfig -a not working on HP-UX , why ?

No, 'ifconfig -a' does not work on HP-UX.  If you use ifconfig you must specify an interface to see its configuration.


# ifconfig lan0


If you just want to see ip addresses for all interfaces:


# netstat -in



Re: ifconfig -a not working on HP-UX , why ?

>> ifconfig -a not working on HP-UX , why ?


The question is "why should it?" Just because thats how a command behaves on "A N other" UNIX/Linux system, you should never assume thats how it will work on another flavour... that's what man pages are there for...


Anyway Patrick has already given you a way of getting the IP addresses bound to NICs - if you want more detail/something more like "ifconfig -a" would give you on Linux, then try:


lanscan -p | while read lan
ifconfig lan${lan}
done 2>/dev/null


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