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incorrect network speed

Olivier Demars
Occasional Visitor

incorrect network speed

Hello everyone,

I have 12 servers ML350 all on Gigabit switch, same configuration (been ghosted), same switch configuration but unfornately one is linked with a speed of 100 Mb. The network point is fine, another server runs on the same point at 1Gb. So the problem seems to come from the network card (NC7760 Gigabit Server Adapter).
Would you have any idea of what can be tested further ? Or maybe some diagnostic tool to run on the network card to make sure it runs properly?

Thanks for your help

Guy Humphreys
Valued Contributor

Re: incorrect network speed

if you know the card is set to 1Gig and the port on the switch is also 1Gig.

I would turn off autonegotiation (both on card and switch).

If this does nothing, check your cabling - inferior/damaged cables can still run at 100 MBit but fail when trying to do 1Gig!

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Re: incorrect network speed


Did you use CAT6 cables?

Are you realy realy sure your speed settings on the NIC and on the switch are the same speed?

Check de Duplex settings? (Half or full)


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Olivier Demars
Occasional Visitor

Re: incorrect network speed

It was, as hinted in one of the replies, a faullty cable between the switch and the patch panel.