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internet time server

Shashi Kiran_1

internet time server

How can I automatically Synchronize with an internet time server using hp n/w....
Bill Nichols
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Re: internet time server

What's your OS? If XP, double-click the clock & take the right-most tab ("Internet Time"). If a different OS, go to this link & download NIST's time synch software. It's simple to use & you can set it to synch up however often you like.

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Jon Finley
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Re: internet time server

Try using the command:

net time /setsntp:NTPServerList

The switch "/setsntp[:NTPServerList]"
Specifies a list of NTP time servers to be used by the local computer. The list can contain IP addresses or DNS names, separated by spaces. If you use multiple time servers, you must enclose the list in quotation marks

Example: net time /setsntp ""

Get the IP addresses from here:

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