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ip configuration

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ip configuration

How can I check ip configuration ie how many lan cards,configured lan cards,ip address,subnet mask etc of lan cards, in HP-UX 11.23??
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Re: ip configuration

#netstat -in
will show all lan card ipaddress
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Re: ip configuration


# netstat -in
# netstat -rvn
# lanscan
# ifconfig lanx

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Re: ip configuration

To list LAN cards which at least have a driver installed:
- run "lanscan"

Cards with no driver installed will not be listed in "lanscan" output. Even an "ioscan" listing will not always display them (as with some combo cards) or they may show as UNCLAIMED UNKNOWN and cannot be identified as LAN cards without further examination.

To list configured LAN cards:
- run "netstat -in".
This will also display the IP address assigned to each card.

If any IP aliases have been configured (= more than one IP address in one physical LAN card), "netstat -in" will show them too.

To see the IP address, netmask and broadcast address of a specific card (for example, lan0):
- run "ifconfig " (example: "ifconfig lan0")

To see the gateway(s) configured to the system, view the routing table:
- run "netstat -rnv"

The default gateway is listed on the last line of "netstat -rnv" output.

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Re: ip configuration